Providing Total Antivirus Solution:

Tender no.:  ITG-IT/0109/Empanel Vendors (Softwares)/2017 dated 26.09.2017 

Validity of the Tender:  The bove tender is valid for a period of 02 years starting from15.10.2017 to 14.10.2019

Office of ITG has installed a server based Antivirus server in its office, which is connected on the Goa Broad band Network (GBBN). ITG will provide a complete Antivirus solution for the computer systems in the head office & sub offices for a period of one year/three/five years which will be installed and monitored through ITG’s Antivirus server through GBBN.

ITG has current deployed the antivirus software through GBBN in the Government Offices namely Inspectorate of Factories & Boilers, Goa Housing Board, Goa Dental College& Hospital, Directorate of Prosecution, Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC), Directorate of Fire & Emergency, Directorate of Agriculture, Police Department, Electricity Department,Public Works Department, Art & Culture,Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Department of Handicrafts, Textile & Coir, Department of Information and Publicity, Department of Printing & Stationary, Department of Urban development,etc.

The following software services are offered under above mentioned tender:

Sr. No. Description of the item Total Cost to Dept. (Incl. of GST)
1 Windows Operating System (Windows 10 Professional 64-bit) Rs.16,886.27
2 MS  Office 2013 Professional with Media and License Rs.37,598.34
3 MS  Office 2016 Professional with Media and License Rs.38,917.58
4 Office Suite with Media and License Rs. 4,670.11
5 Net Protector Antivirus (Server Based) for 1 year Rs.899.61
6 Net Protector Antivirus (Server Based) for 3 years Rs.1,799.22
7 Net Protector Antivirus (Server Based) for 5 years Rs. 3,754.28
8 Quick Heal (Server Based) for 1 year Rs.1,204.2
9 Quick Heal (Server Based) for 3 years Rs.2,337.57
10 Quick Heal (Server Based) for 5 years Rs.2,975.09
11 K7 Antivirus (Server Based) for 1 year Rs.920.86
12 K7 Antivirus (Server Based) for 3 years Rs.1,841.72
13 K7 Antivirus (Server Based) for 5 years Rs.2,408.40


As on date we have 3500+ users across the State of Goa.

Procedure for obtaining any service from ITG:

Any Government Department or Corporation interested to avail any of the above mentioned services from ITG may write to ITG or contact the officials below:

Sr No Name of the Person Designation Profile Contact No. email
1 Shri Piyush Patil Technical Assistant(IT) Procurement of ICT Equipments 8378995572
2 Smt. Vibha C.Shetgaonkar Technical Assistant (IT AMC of ICT Equipments 7447430367
3 Shri Anand Prabhu Chodnekar Technical Assistant(IT) AMC of ICT Equipments 8378995570
4 Smt. Shweta Gaonkar Dessai Technical Assistant(IT) Antivirus Solution 8378995571
5 Shri Sarvesh Naik Technical Assistant(IT) AMC of Networking 8378995573
6 Shri Sanesh Varghese Asst Manager (Comp. H/W) Officer Incharge 9881741518